The First Post

I’ll be learning this as I go.

I have a lot to say and I have been finding out people want to hear what I have to say.  Discussing and arguing and venting are how problems get solved, dare I say how nations are built and rebuilt.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall listening to the orators arguing in the Green Dragon Tavern leading up to the Revolutionary War.

The reality is this – Our Republic is in peril.  Our liberty is becoming an illusion to control the masses, rather than our acknowledged God given rights.  Its becoming a crime to even acknowledge God in the public square.

I’m creating this blog because we need a place to talk.  We need a place to discuss the issues openly and debate and look at different angles.  We need to start looking at specific legislation that is passed and what impact that has on our God given rights.  We need to look at what impact these things have on our constitution.  We need to take back our power and open our eyes and not be complacent.  We need to have a serious discussion on what is happening and where do we go from here.

Cozy up to your keyboard with a cup of tea, java, or your favorite brew.  Push up your sleeves and lets figure this mess out and lets restore our republic.